Wednesday, August 07, 2013

You are no better than me

Something I wrote months and months ago that I never posted... Thought I might as well post it since I wrote it. This was me blowing off steam.

Sweet cheeks, you present yourself as someone who is "deep" and cares about everyone and is super nice but I've listened to you speak. You are kind to peoples face and behind their back all you do is talk down about them or talk about how much they annoy you. You are two faced. You are one person when you are looking and another when they look away. Stop acting like you do no wrong, because you do. You say that it hurts you when people tell you they are upset with you, well guess what Honny,  at least they are telling you to your face. Hey, guess what, I'm fucking mad at you.

 Goldy Locks, You try and tell people what is best for them, you act like you know everything. You don't. You try to make everyone think that you are the top gun, but here's the thing, you have  no god damn spine. You are a weak person and you need help. You won't admit that you need help and you don't allow anyone to even try. You can't let go. You let people walk all over you. You cling to your ex and you let it destroy you. You hang out with her even though it kills you. You cause more drama then you help. You show up to parties where she is with her new squeeze and you get wasted and cry and ruin your night, and everyone else's. Move on already. She doesn't love you, and she never did, not like that anyways. She only liked you as a really good friend, she just thought it was more. She cheated on you, and yet you still beg for her back. She isn't coming back, so seriously stop hurting yourself and walk away. Grow some balls and stand up for yourself.

You are not better than me, so stop acting like you are. I don't owe you anything, nor do you owe me. You are not my babysitter, so stop watching my every move. We are equals. We are both human. We both breath air.

You like to act like you are my superior. You're not. Do you think I don't notice when you act like Im a parasite, like I'm a plage to avoid? I have eyes, I see the way you look at me. I notice everything.
I am vigilant. I notice more than most people do. I can read you. Don't think for a second that I can't read you like a book.

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